Entrust Authority PKI and Entrust Managed PKI Entrust Datacard

Integrated Security Infrastructure for Encryption, Digital Signatures & Certificate Authentication

Entrust Datacard’s first public key infrastructure — the world’s first commercially available PKI — was released in 1994. Now in its eighth edition, the Entrust Authority public key infrastructure product portfolio is the industry’s most relied-upon PKI solution. By managing the full lifecycles of digital certificate-based identities, Entrust Authority PKI enables encryption, digital signature and certificate authentication capabilities to be consistently and transparently applied across a broad range of applications and platforms. Whether your organization requires an in-house PKI or the convenience of a hosted PKI service, Entrust provides a myriad of capabilities to help meet the security challenges of your organization.
*Global PKI Leaders: Entrust PKI solutions are deployed in nearly 800 organizations worldwide. Trusted by leading governments, elite financial institutions and top organizations, our PKI solution is unmatched in manageability, versatility and real-world success.
*PKI as a Service: Prefer PKI experts facilitate the set up and on-going operation of the CA infrastructure? Look to Entrust Managed Services PKI as a trusted hosted CA deployment.
*Certificate Discovery: A complement to any PKI deployment, Entrust Discovery finds, inventories and manages digital certificates across diverse systems to prevent outages, data breach and non-compliance.
*Protecting Citizens: While our PKI is certainly proven in enterprise environments, the technology is also used to secure many of today’s largest ePassport projects and citizen ID initiatives.

About Entrust Managed PKI
You’re moving to the cloud, empowering mobile employees, and collaborating with customers and partners. Your users are leveraging multiple devices and a variety of legacy and cloud apps. Your evolving enterprise deserves the world’s leading provider of PKI on your side, working to leverage opportunities and protect assets.
*Managed PKI from Entrust Datacard establishes certificate-enabled identity to secure users, apps and devices in your evolving enterprise. You gain confidence and agility to combat threats and drive new opportunities.
*Entrust Datacard Managed PKI gives you complete control in your changing ecosystem. Our managed solution lets you move beyond passwords and tokens and deliver frictionless experiences to all of your users. Our solution enables digital signing, secure email, network access, and information verification. It also provides full support for all of your legacy and cloud apps.
*The most discerning security buyers — from national governments, to the world’s largest banks and security-minded enterprises insist on Entrust Datacard because we deliver best-in-class security, without fail. Now, best-in-class PKI is available in an unmatched breadth of offerings — managed, on-premises or a hybrid of both.
*We provide our customers with access to PKI Blackbelts. Our highly trusted domain experts can shape PKI technology to fit your specific needs.