Find My Device Nordic Mobility AS

Key Features
  • 1

    Small, purpose built app

    Requires almost no resources, built for one thing.

  • 2

    Start with SOTI MobiControl

    Send a script from SOTI MobiControl to start the app

  • 3

    Maximum volume, loud alarm

    Find My Device sets the volume to maximum and plays a loud alarm. It's impossible not to hear.

  • 4

    Stop the app via SOTI MobiControl or on-screen

    When the worker has located their device they can stop it with the press of a button on-screen, or ask support to do it for them

  • 5

    Screen on

    Find My Device activates the screen, even if the device is locked

  • 6


    Find My Device works on all Android devices, from KitKat and up