IP to URL Nordic Mobility AS


App for dynamically finding local web service at any location

IP to URL solves a simple, yet difficult challenge for many businesses. When you have many locations, and they all run a local web service, how can you make sure the user is sent to his, or hers local web service? You could tell the user to remember and punch it him self, but in most cases this will only result in even more training, more support calls, and more work.

IP to URL solves this issue by using the devices local IP-address, change it to whatever you like, and then send the user to the correct place. IP to URL is dynamic and can be used everywhere. Send your devices to any location, it will understand where it is, and direct the user to the correct local web service.

Lets look at a real life scenario.

Store A device IP:
Store B device IP:

Your web service runs on .21 in both stores.

Store A web service:
Store B web service:

IP to URL takes the device address, removes the fourth octet, replaces it with .21, and then maybe something like "webservice", and the user can logon to his or hers local web service.

Result Store A:
Result Store B: