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Terminal emulation remains the most implemented application deployed on ruggedized mobile devices because it is incredibly reliable and incredibly fast. In fact, It is estimated that 70% of ruggedized mobile devices run a terminal emulation solution. But for today’s smartphone operating system, touchscreen devices the market is demanding a graphically rich and familiar user experience.

Various attempts to use web-based applications have proven to introduce latency—slowing down the application and degrading productivity. Inserting fat applications between the mainframe application and the mobile device to improve the user interface has the same negative impact. Replacing the mainframe application (and the most reliable piece of hardware in the enterprise) with an entirely new system brings with it exorbitant costs and a high level of risk.

When it comes to the all-important workforce metric— productivity—nothing has been able to beat terminal emulation’s combination of speed and reliability. Customers have had to choose between the speed of terminal emulation and the intuitive, graphical UI of browser-based or fat applications until now: StayLinked SmartTE delivers the speed and reliability of traditional terminal emulation with the intuitive, modern user experience of web-based applications.

By introducing new intelligence to the terminal emulation process on the host system, the emulation screens can be intercepted before they are sent to the wireless device, and the elements of the green screen can be overwritten by a rich graphic interface that is familiar and easy-to-use to the mobile user.

This new server-side intelligence can recognize emulation screens, determining the kind of input that is being requested, and present an appropriate virtual keyboard on the device—everything from a standard full keypad to a numbered key pad when numbers are requested, for instance, or a range of limited options when that is appropriate.

If the response is a simple yes or no, two buttons can be made to appear. With StayLinked SmartTE your text-based “green screen” applications are quickly transformed into easy-to-understand, graphical screens with no changes to the original application and no programming skills required.