StayLinked SmartTE StayLinked

Key Features
  • 1

    Increased Productivity

    By allowing complicated, text-based application screens to be transformed into easy-to-use, graphics-based screens SmartTE can streamline business processes for application end users and increase overall worker efficiency. As enterprises implement touchscreen-centric devices running operating systems like Android or iOS, there is a need to take full advantage of the capabilities of these devices.

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    Best of Both Worlds

    Terminal emulation remains the most implemented application deployed on ruggedized mobile devices because it is incredibly reliable and incredibly fast. In fact, It is estimated that 70% of ruggedized mobile devices run a terminal emulation solution. StayLinked SmartTE delivers the speed and reliability of traditional terminal emulation with the intuitive, modern user experience of web-based apps.

  • 3

    Unsurpassed Reliability

    SmartTE is built upon the industry's most advanced Terminal Emulation architecture - StayLinked TE - which virtually eliminates dropped sessions between the mobile device and the host application. Whether the problem is poor wireless network coverage, mobile device battery issues, or mobile device reboots, the terminal emulation session will never be lost.

  • 4

    Automatic App Screen Creation

    SmartTE features Dynamic Screen Generation which will automatically transform your terminal emulation screens into touchscreen-friendly screens. The new interface is generated based upon specific settings controlling such parameters as tapspot detection, graphic fields, color schemes, background images, and more.

  • 5

    Custom Screen Designer

    If you would like to create custom screens with a different look and feel from the dynamically generated screens, SmartTE features a drag-and-drop screen designer. You can use this tool to include your unique branding, incorporate product images in your screens, customize colors, increase button size, and more.

  • 6

    Smart Keyboard

    Smart Keyboard delivers the best possible user experience on touch-only devices. Because Smart Keyboard allows users to utilize the entire screen, they must no longer sacrifice usability for the sake of screen space. In fact, with Smart Keyboard, customers retain all of their application’s functionality which enables seamless migration to Android and to new state-of-the-art form factors.

  • 7

    Smart Tiles

    With modern devices, keyboards are obstrusive. Smart Tiles solves this issue for any screen size on any form factor. StayLinked Smart Tiles is an
    innovative approach to the touch-only user experience that allows you to work more productively by navigating through your applications as easily
    as possible by presenting the worker with only the keys that are needed.

  • 8

    Investment Protection

    Your SmartTE client runs across operating systems (i.e. Android, iOS, Windows 10/CE/Mobile/) from many vendors and the license is fully transferable to other devices.

  • 9

    Rapid Training

    An application that looks and feels like the Android or iOS application new workers use on their personal mobile phones will be much easier to learn and understand. This is especially true when training seasonal or temporary workers.

  • 10

    Migration & Modernization

    StayLinked SmartTE ensures you can apply touchscreen capabilities to your warehouse applications. At StayLinked, customers we’ve talked to who are actively looking for an alternative are amazed at not only how well SmartTE works, but how easy it is to use, especially when migrating and modernizing existing applications.