TransPac TS EMEA GmbH

Key Features
  • 1

    Increase driver utilization

    Deliver daily schedules directly to driver’s mobile device, with an optimized route to ensure the maximum amount of deliveries can be completed for the day

  • 2

    Reduce costs through paperless processes

    With electronic signature capture, delivery tickets and invoices can be printed and left on site providing proof of delivery, consensus of volume, and accurate transaction details.

  • 3

    Improve customer service

    Provide detailed information to customers on order history, inventory levels, and scheduled deliveries to help improve their ordering and inventory management processes.

  • 4

    Enhance inventory management

    ERP integration allows drivers and dispatchers to know what inventory is available on each truck, enabling changes in load quantities and inventory levels to be monitored in real time

  • 5

    Simplify billing

    By delivering an invoice at the point of delivery, the time it takes for you to receive payment will decrease dramatically.

  • 6

    SaaS integration

    TransPac is a cloud-based application that integrates seamlessly with your fleet tracking and planning software, providing a complete fleet management solution that delivers valuable business intelligence to your back office systems.