TrueMobile Plug´n Play Optidev AB

Connected peripherals in lockdown mode

Bluetooth® peripherals such as printers and barcode readers that increase productivity in the workplace have been difficult for users to set up. Previously, you had to develop an interface for each individual app to connect peripherals to a smartphone or tablet in lockdown mode.

Now, you can simply install Optidev’s Plug’n Play App on your tablet or smartphone to establish an instant and robust connection to any Bluetooth peripheral. The Plug’n Play App is pre-configured for the most common Bluetooth peripherals such as barcode scanners, printers, headsets, cameras, and alarm buttons.

Connecting with selected peripherals is very easy. Instructions on how to connect are provided in a
few simple steps, using images of the available Bluetooth peripherals. Then, the connection is ready for use.

Optidev Plug’n Play App also enables the use of peripherals in third-party applications or on web sites. A barcode scanner can be used by all applications, both proprietary and third party apps. Furthermore, the alpha/numeric keypad with full language support can be customized to suit the user’s needs.