Zebra Operational Visibility Service (OVS) Zebra Technologies Corporation

Zebra Operational Visibility Service (OVS)- Delivering Intelligence to Improve Business Outcomes

Operational Visibility Service (OVS) with MobiControl

Take the mystery out of gauging business critical asset performance to improve business productivity

Device invisibility is the enemy of any organization. Maximize your investment in Zebra mobile computers and printers by getting visibility into operational information — the asset-centric and operational performance information you need to be proactive rather than reactive, increasing device
availability and workforce productivity.

Device visibility is closer than you think. Boost deeper understanding and efficiency gains by understanding:
• Where your devices are
• How they’re performing
• If they’re being fully utilized
• If they’re properly configured with a fully charged battery
• and much more . . .

Zebra OVS and OVS-Connect, in conjunction with SOTI MobiControl, offer the
most complete device management solution available today - providing
the comprehensive deep visibility into Zebra mobile computers and printers
required to best manage these key investments to meet two key business
objectives: maximize workforce productivity and business efficiency.
OVS includes a SOTI MobiControl, while OVS-Connect
provides connectivity to your existing MDM.

• OVS works in conjunction with SOTI MobiControl to provide much deeper asset insight
• Provides a single pane of glass to simplify the complexity of big data available from multiple source systems
• Automates interpretation through reporting and visual alerts related to the identification, condition and location of critical business devices
• Easy to understand actionable information based on trending and historical data
• Customized thresholds and dashboard views
• Includes integrated management platform with a SOTI MobiControl, or connects to your existing SOTI MobiControl solution